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4 The SDMetrics User Interface

This section describes how to use SDMetrics via its interactive graphical user interface. For batch processing see Section 5 "Running SDMetrics from the Command Line".
4.1 Getting Help
4.2 Specifying Project Settings
4.3 Calculating and Viewing Metric Data
4.4 The View 'Metric Data Tables'
4.5 The View 'Histograms'
4.6 The View 'Kiviat Diagrams'
4.7 The View 'Rule Checker'
4.8 The View 'Descriptive Statistics'
4.9 The View 'Design Comparison'
4.10 The View 'Relation Matrices'
4.11 The View 'Graph Structures'
4.12 The View 'Model'
4.13 The View 'Catalog'
4.14 The View 'Log'
4.15 Exporting Data
4.16 Setting Preferences