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4.7 The View 'Rule Checker'

Design rules and heuristics detect potential problems in your UML design, for example: Appendix C: "List of Design Rules" contains the list of design rules that SDMetrics implements. Of course, you can customize this list to your needs, and define new design rules of your own. This is described in Section 8.3 "Definition of Design Rules".

The 'Rule Checker' view displays design rule violations in a table. Each row of the table represents a violation of a design rule by a design element.

Design rule checker
Figure 12: Design Rule Checker

The meaning of the columns is as follows:

The context menu of right hand side table contains links to the measurement catalog showing the detailed definition of the violated rule in the selected row (see Section 4.13 "The View 'Catalog'"), and the Kiviat diagram for the model element in the selected row (when available).

Sort the table of design rule violations by columns, e.g., to quickly find all rule violations for a particular design element, all violations of a particular rule, or to sort the rule violations by their severity or category. Section 4.3.1 "Common controls in views" describes how to sort tables.

4.7.1 Filtering Design Rules
4.7.2 Accepting Design Rule Violations