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4.13 The View 'Catalog'

The catalog view shows the definitions of the metrics, design rules, and relation matrices for the current data set, and provides literature references and a glossary for them.

Measurement Catalog
Figure 21: The View 'Catalog'

Selecting tables

From the dropdown list at the top of the catalog, you can select the following items to explore:

Showing detailed descriptions

Click any row in the table to see a detailed description of the selected item in the lower part of the window.

The detailed descriptions often contain cross-references to other metrics, rules, or matrices, include literature references, or reference terms from the glossary. These references are hyperlinks that take you to the full definition of the referenced item. Use the and arrows in the upper right corner of the catalog view to move back and forth within the previously visited definitions.

Sorting tables

You can sort each table by its columns, e.g., to quickly find all metrics for a particular domain, all rules of certain severity level, and so on. Section 4.3.1 "Common controls in views" describes how to sort tables.