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5 Running SDMetrics from the Command Line

You can run SDMetrics from the command line or shell scripts. This is useful to integrate SDMetrics in automated processes.

The SDMetrics command line syntax is:

java com.sdmetrics.SDMetrics  -xmi xmifile [-proj projfile]  [-customPF pfsetname]
           [-meta mmfile] [-trans transformationfile] [-metrics metricsfile]
           [-filter filterstring]* [-nonmatching] [-ignore]
           [-compare 2ndxmifile] [-mapping mapfile] [-relative]
           [-gHisto] [-gCumDist] [-gKiviat] [-gFormat format]
             [-gHTMLPerDiag] [-gHTMLPerType] [-gHTMLForAll]
             [-gUseFrames] [-gWidth width] [-gHeight height]
           [-model] [-stats] [-relmat] [-rules [-rulefilter filter]] 
           [-nometrics] [-s] [-one] [-f format] basename
The arguments in square brackets [] are optional. When followed by an asterisk (*), the bracket contents can be repeated an arbitrary number of times, otherwise, at most one occurrence is allowed. The meaning of the arguments is as follows.

Project file settings:

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