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4.5 The View 'Histograms'

The histogram view provides a graphical representation of the distribution of a design metric.

Histogram View
Figure 10: Histogram view

Select the metric to display from the dropdown list on the left control panel, or use the Tape deck buttons to select the first/previous/next/last metric on the list, respectively. Press the "Show full definition" button to view the detailed definition of the metric in the measurement catalog (see Section 4.13 "The View 'Catalog'").

The table below the metric definition shows some descriptive statistics for the metric:

The diagram on the right shows the distribution of the selected metric. You can choose between two types of diagrams with the radio buttons below the diagram: If you see a "Diagram not available" message instead of a graph, the measurement values of the selected metric are not numerical or do not vary at all, or both. No graph is shown for such metrics.