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The Software Design Metrics tool for the UML

This page documents the complete revision history of SDMetrics. The hyperlinks take you to the relevant part of the user manual describing the new feature. Use the back button of your browser to return to this page.

SDMetrics V2.5 (02-May-2021):

  • New licensing model: the SDMetrics full version is now freely available for the general public
  • Data export to Excel XLSX Files (more)
  • Fixed problem with clipped labels on diagrams when using large font sizes

SDMetrics V2.4 (03-Jan-2020):

Platform update from Java 1.6 to Java 8.

SDMetrics V2.35 (02-Jan-2018):

Maintenance release:

SDMetrics V2.34 (08-Oct-2017):

Maintenance release:
  • Compatibility with Java 9 Standard Edition: eliminated dependency on module java.xml.bind (JAXB) for import of project file sets.

SDMetrics V2.33 (14-Apr-2017):

Maintenance release:
  • Minor GUI modifications for better usability on displays with high pixel density such as 4K monitors. Icons can be resized, improved scaling of GUI with font size.
  • External XML entities resolution when parsing the context.xml of project file sets has been deactivated.

SDMetrics V2.32 (05-Mar-2016):

Maintenance release:
  • XMI parser automatically recognizes version-namespace of XMI version 2.5. Unknown version-namespaces will default to the UML 2.x/XMI2.x project file set.

SDMetrics V2.31 (03-Jul-2013):

Maintenance release:
  • XMI parser automatically recognizes version-namespaces of XMI versions 2.4 and 2.4.1.
  • Fixed problem reading XMI transformation files with "ignore" or "xmi2assoc" triggers when the default locale is Turkish.
  • Improved import of suppliers for meta-types "realization" and "substitution".
  • New metric procedure substring.
  • New special purpose function parsenumber in metric expressions.
  • New metrics for UML2 sequence diagrams.

SDMetrics V2.3 (19-Mar-2012):

  • Improved support for UML 2 profile extensions (more)
  • Custom functions in metric, set, condition expressions (more)
  • Support for UML 2.4.1: Revised OccurrenceSpecification, DestructionOccurrenceSpecification, LiteralReal
  • Simplified import of project file sets (more)
  • XMI 2.x parser extracts child elements of model elements even if there is no "xmi2assoc" trigger
  • Increased robustness when the installation directory is moved

SDMetrics V2.2 (24-Feb-2011):

  • New plugin mechanism to extend the capabilities of the metrics and rule checking engine (more)
  • GUI font size is configurable (more)
  • Better memory efficiency (requires about 30% less memory than V2.1)
  • Improved error handling and reporting
  • Extended metric definition capabilitiy: new variable'_principal' replaces the 'compare' and 'count' procedures (more)
  • Extended metric definition capabilitiy: more flexible 'signature' procedure (more)
  • Extended metric definition capabilitiy: 'in' operation in condition expressions (more)
  • Fixed problem: GUI no longer freezes occasionally when updating new metric data
  • Fixed problem: function tolowercase now recognized
  • Fixed problem: loading project settings works again

SDMetrics V2.11 (31-Jan-2009):

Maintenance release:
  • Fixed problem: Kiviat diagram view works with recent Java SE 6 runtime environments
  • Fixed problem: Context menus now work in Linux/Unix environments
  • Fixed problem: Opening user manual when installation directory path contains whitespaces

SDMetrics V2.1 (20-Apr-2008):

  • Revised GUI: provides various views that you can open and close independently (more)
  • New views for descriptive statistics, the UML model, and logging of calculation runs
  • Support for OASIS OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ODS) format (more)
  • Enhanced file output configuration (more)
  • Simplified handling of project file sets (more)
  • Row and column filtering for relation matrices (more)
  • Fixed problem: Reading XML files with white space in their path name now works running on Java 6
  • Fixed problem: HTML files generated with graph export are now relocatable

SDMetrics V2.02 (15-Oct-2006):

Maintenance release:
  • The default XMI2.x transformation file now supports UML 2.1 models (packagedElements, ComponentRealizations, ReduceActions, ReceiveSignalEvents and ReceiveOperatorEvents)
  • Optionally launches with maximized main window.
  • Element view displays descriptive statistics for metrics on the Kiviat graph.

SDMetrics V2.01 (19-Mar-2006):

Maintenance release:
  • The default XMI2.x transformation file now expects all lowercase "uml:" namespace instead of all uppercase "UML:" namespace.
  • Slight revision of the project files setting dialog.
  • Fixed problem with reading very small XMI files.

SDMetrics V2.0 (28-Sep-2005):

The version number 2.0 reflects the support for the latest UML and XMI standards:
  • Metamodel, metrics, and design rules for UML 2.0.
  • Import of XMI 2.0/2.1 files.
Other changes include:
  • New feature: A comprehensive online measurement catalog with detailed descriptions of all design metrics and rules, complete with literature references and a glossary.
  • New feature: Classification of design rules by application area (e.g., rules for analysis models, design models, real-time systems, ...). Users can define rule filters to only check rules of selected application areas.
  • New feature: Graph structure view to identify cycles and connected components in diagrams and models.
  • Extended metric/rule definition capabilities: 'compare' procedure for pairwise comparison of model elements, extended procedure 'connectedcomponents' to count strongly connected components in directed graphs, 'subelements' metric procedure, 'filtervalue' metric procedure, operators "upto" and "topmost".
  • Fixed problem: function isunique() now works correctly.
  • Fixed problem: stat="min" attribute in projections now works correctly.
  • Fixed problem: recalculating metrics when the relation matrix dialog is opened.
  • Fixed problem: comparative descriptive statistics table now works properly in the demo version.

SDMetrics V1.3 (2-Dec-2004):

  • New feature: User-defined design rules and heuristics
  • New feature: Export diagrams as PNG, JPEG, or SVG (scalable vector graphics)
  • Extended metric definition capabilitiy: multisets (or "bags")
  • Extended metric definition capabilitiy: more flexible dot operator
  • Extended metric definition capabilitiy: string manipulation functions
  • Enhanced GUI: Element browser shows design elements in a tree view
  • Enhanced GUI: Table view with enhanced highlighting options
  • Enhanced GUI: Splash screen on startup
  • Change in metric procedure connectedcomponent: connections to elements outside of the specified set_exp are not taken into account anymore.
  • Fixed incorrect labeling of horizontal axis for cumulative distribution graph when the minimum value on the axis is different from zero.

SDMetrics V1.2 (28-Oct-2003):

  • New feature: Comparison of metric data for two UML designs: calculate tables with metric deltas, compare descriptive statistics.
  • Improved GUI usability, including drag and drop of XMI files and project files.
  • Improved calculation performance and memory consumption.
  • Data output in Microsoft XML Spreadsheet format for Excel XP data import.
  • Extended metric definition capabilities: use of mathematical functions (log, exp, sqrt, abs, floor, ceil, round) in metric definitions.
  • Fixed inconsistent use of -nomets/-nometrics command line switch in the application and documentation.

SDMetrics V1.1 (6-May-2003):

  • New feature: calculate user-defined relation matrices.
  • Extended metric definition capabilities: value sets, signatures, conditional compound metrics.
  • Improved XMI import features: conditional XMI transformations, optional XMI IDs.
  • Data output in 1.0 Calc format.
  • Model Dump Feature: output tables now limited to element types which occur in the design to be dumped.
  • Command line: export multiple sets of tables in one run.
  • Improved error reporting when reading project files.
  • Fixed problem with the -trans command line switch.
  • Fixed problem with unary minus in metrics expressions.

SDMetrics V1.01 (15-Jan-2003):

  • Fixed problem with reading TimeEvents and SignalEvents.
SDMetrics V1.0 (1-Dec-2002):
  • Initial release.