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The Software Design Metrics tool for the UML

AGPL Version 3 Logo The Java implementation of SDMetrics' core functionality is open source, available under the GNU Affero General Public License, Version 3.

The core functionality of SDMetrics comprises

  • the configurable XMI parser for XMI1.x/2.x input files
  • the metrics engine to calculate the user-defined design metrics
  • the rule engine to check the user-defined design rules

The SDMetrics Open Core distribution provides the full XMI import, measurement, and rule checking capabilities of SDMetrics as documented in Sections 7 through 9 of the SDMetrics User Manual. Its functionality is not limited in any way.

The SDMetrics Open Core distribution includes the Java source code, JUnit test cases, and Javadocs to the API. Download the entire package here:

Download Open CoreSDMetrics V2.4 Open Core

(672KB, 03-Jan-2020).

If you wish to integrate the SDMetrics core technologies in commercial, closed source applications for redistribution, commercial source code licenses are also available.