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4.16.4 Appearance

Here you can customize several aspects of the appearance of the SDMetrics user interface: font and icon sizes, the look and feel, and the design comparison colors.

Appearance Dialog
Figure 29: Appearance Dialog


Click the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the size of the font and the icons in SDMetrics' main window, menus, and dialogs. You can judge the resulting size by the preview fields next to the size adjustment controls.

Make sure to change the sizes in small steps and "within reason". Too large or too small settings may render the application difficult or impossible to use.

Note: you need to restart SDMetrics for the new size settings to become effective.

Look and Feel

To adjust the overall appearance - or look and feel - of SDMetrics, you have the following choices:

Note: you need to restart SDMetrics for the new look and feel settings to become effective.

Design Comparison Colors

Here you can adjust the colors used to indicate added and deleted elements or increased or decreased measurement values for design comparisons (see Section 4.9 "The View 'Design Comparison'").

Click the button for the color you like to change. This opens a color chooser dialog where you can select the new color.