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4.3.1 Common controls in views

There are a number of control elements that are common to all or most views. This section describes those frequently used controls.

Metric Data Tables
Figure 8: Common controls used in most views

  1. Most views show metric data for one model element type at a time, e.g. metrics for all classes, all packages, all state diagrams, etc. These views provide a dropdown list from which to select a model element type. With the "tape deck" controls next to the list you can easily browse the various model element types.

  2. Many views provide tables of data that can be sorted by columns. To sort a table by a column, click the column header. This sorts the table rows in descending order. Click the column header a second time to change the sorting order to ascending. Click the column header a third time to restore the original order of the rows (no sort). Alternatively, you can use the control panel provided by these views to sort the table:

  3. Most views have a save button Save Button to export the data presented in the view (tables of data or graphs, see Section 4.15.1 "Exporting Data Tables" and Section 4.15.2 "Exporting Graphs").

  4. All views feature a help button Help Button to open a description of the view in the user manual.

  5. All views feature a close button Close Button in the upper right corner to close the view. Alternatively, right-click on the tab of a view to open a context menu with further options. Or click on the tab with the middle mouse button to close the view.