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1 Introduction

Welcome to SDMetrics, the quality measurement tool for UML™ designs. This manual will get you up and running with SDMetrics, and introduce you to the basic and advanced features SDMetrics has to offer.

Part I of this manual addresses all users of SDMetrics. Part II addresses power users who want to define metrics or design rules of their own, and/or adapt SDMetrics to a specific XMI® exporter.

Part I - Basic SDMetrics Usage
Section 2 "Installation"describes the installation of SDMetrics.
Section 3 "Getting Started"is a brief guided tour of SDMetrics, taking you through the steps to calculate a set of metrics for your UML designs.
Section 4 "The SDMetrics User Interface"describes all features of the SDMetrics user interface in detail.
Section 5 "Running SDMetrics from the Command Line"shows how SDMetrics can be run from a command line.
Section 6 "Design Measurement"discusses general design measurement principles and provides guidelines how to interpret measurement data.
Part II - Advanced SDMetrics Features
Section 7 "SDMetrics Metamodel and XMI Transformation Files" explains how to define the UML metamodels used by SDMetrics, and how SDMetrics extracts UML design information from XMI files.
Section 8 "Defining Custom Design Metrics and Rules"shows how metrics and design rules are defined in SDMetrics, and how you can define your own UML design metrics and rules.
Section 9 "Extending the Metrics and Rule Engine"describes how to extend the calculation capabilities of the metrics engine itself.
Part III - Appendices
Appendix A: "Metamodels"shows SDMetrics' metamodels for UML1.x and UML2.x.
Appendix B: "List of Design Metrics"lists the design metrics that ship with SDMetrics.
Appendix C: "List of Design Rules"lists the design rules that ship with SDMetrics.
Appendix D: "List of Matrices"lists the relation matrices that ship with SDMetrics.
Appendix E: "Project File Format Definitions"is a reference to the metamodel, metric definition, and XMI transformation file formats.