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D: List of Matrices

This appendix lists the relation matrices that are available for UML2.x models. The matrices for the UML1.x metamodel are largely the same, or have equivalent counterparts, you can browse their definitions in the measurement catalog (see Section 4.13 "The View 'Catalog'") when analyzing UML1.x models.

Matrix: Actor-UsecaseRow type: actorColumn type: usecase
Association relationships between actors and use cases.

Shows which actor participates in which use case. A "1" indicates the actor in that row participates in the use case in that column.

Matrix: Class_GenRow type: classColumn type: class
Generalization relationships between classes (from child to parent).

Shows which class a given class inherits from. A "1" indicates the class in that row is a child of the class in that column.

Matrix: Class_AssocRow type: classColumn type: class
Association relationships between classes.

The numbers indicate how many associations the class in a row has with classes in the column. All associations (or aggregations or compositions) with navigability from the row class to the column class are counted.

Matrix: Package_DependenciesRow type: packageColumn type: package
Dependencies due to class/interface usage between packages.

Shows on which packages a given package depends on. A "1" indicates the package in that row has a class or interface that uses a class or interface of the package in that column.

  • See package metric R for what constitutes usage between classes and/or interfaces.

Matrix: Messages_SentRow type: lifelineColumn type: lifeline
Messages sent between lifelines.

The numbers indicate how many messages the lifeline in a row sends to the lifelines in the columns.