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B: List of Design Metrics

This appendix provides the detailed definitions of the design metrics that ship with SDMetrics. For space reasons, we only list the metrics for the UML2.x metamodel. The metrics for the UML1.x metamodel are largely the same, or have equivalent counterparts, where applicable. You can browse the list of UML1.x metrics in the measurement catalog (see Section 4.13 "The View 'Catalog'") when analyzing UML1.x models.
B.1 Class Metrics
B.2 Interface Metrics
B.3 Package Metrics
B.4 Interaction Metrics
B.5 Usecase Metrics
B.6 Statemachine Metrics
B.7 Activity Metrics
B.8 Component Metrics
B.9 Node Metrics
B.10 Diagram Metrics