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Generating UML Reports From XMI Files

February 24, 2014, Jürgen Wüst. Category: Development

Occasionally I receive requests from people looking for a simple way to generate a report from an XMI file. For example, they may need to collect a list of all class attributes that satisfy a certain condition, and write them to some HTML or XML file. Depending on the task at hand, XSLT could work… [Continue reading]

Designing an ‘Agile’ XMI Parser for the UML

November 23, 2012, Jürgen Wüst. Category: Development

SDMetrics is primarily a UML design quality measurement solution. It contains an XMI parser to read UML models from XMI files. The XMI parser has attracted some interest on its own. In this post, I’ll talk a bit about the reasoning behind the design decisions of the XMI parser, and discuss the consequences for practical… [Continue reading]