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B.6 Statemachine Metrics

Metric: TransCategory: Complexity
The number of transitions in the state machine.

Internal transitions are not included in this count.

  • Version of NT in [MGP03].

Metric: TEffectsCategory: Complexity
The number of transitions with an effect in the state machine.

Metric: TGuardCategory: Complexity
The number of transitions with a guard in the state machine.
  • Also known as NG in [MGP03].

Metric: TTriggerCategory: Complexity
The number of triggers of the transitions of the state machine.
  • Also known as NE in [MGP03].

Metric: StatesCategory: Size
The number of states in the state machine.

This includes pseudo states, as well as composite and concurrent states of the statemachine, and recursively the states they contain, at all levels of nesting. Submachine states count as "one", the states in statemachines they reference are not included.

  • Corresponds to NSS+NCS in [MGP03].

Metric: SActivityCategory: Size
The number of activities defined for the states of the state machine.

This counts entry, exit, and do activities (or interactions or statemachines) defined for the states. The states considered are those counted by metric States.

  • corresponds to NEntry+NExit+NA in [MGP03].

Metric: CCCategory: Complexity
The cyclomatic complexity of the state-transition graph.

This is calculated as Trans-States+2.