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B.9 Node Metrics

Metric: TypeCategory: not specified
The type of node (regular, execution environment, or device).

Metric: NumOpsCategory: Size
The number of operations of the node.
  • See also metric NumOps for classes.

Metric: NumCompCategory: Size
The number of components located on the node.

Counts components directly owned by this node; sub-components etc. are not included in this count.

Metric: NumNodesCategory: Size
The number of subnodes of the node.

Counts nodes directly located on this node; sub-sub-nodes etc. are not included in this count.

Metric: NumArtCategory: Size
The number of artifacts deployed on the node.

This metric counts

  • artifacts directly owned by this node; sub-artifacts etc. are not included,
  • artifacts with a deployment dependency to the node.

Metric: NumPackCategory: Size
The number of packages of the node.

This only counts packages directly owned by the node; any sub-packages etc. of these packages are not included in this count.

Metric: AssElCategory: Coupling
The number of elements the node is associated with.

Takes incoming, outgoing, and bidirectional communication paths, associations, aggregations, and compositions into account.

Metric: DiagsCategory: Diagram
The number of times the node appears on a diagram.