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4.15.2 Exporting Graphs

Figure 24 shows the export dialog for graphs:

Export Graphs Dialog
Figure 24: Export Graphs Dialog

The options for the graph export are:

Graph type to export You can export one of the three available graph types at a time:

Graphs to export determines for which metrics or elements you wish to export graphs. You have the following choices: Create one HTML page for You can additionally create HTML pages that contain the exported graphs: Format You can choose between the following file formats for the exported graphs: Size Here you can specify the width and height of the graphs, in pixels.

Save to file: Specify a file base name for the graph and HTML files to be written. SDMetrics will extend the base name with element type names, metric names, and the proper file extension. For example, if you specify the base name "C:\graphs\model", exporting all graphs will generate files named "C:\graphs\model_Class_NumOps.svg", "C:\graphs\model_Package.html", and so on.

Finally, to export the graph(s) as specified above, press the "Save graphs" button. The "Close" button closes the dialog without exporting the graphs.

Note that exporting a large number of graphs in PNG or JPG format can take some time, you can monitor the progress on the status bar of the main window.