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Quality Assessment and Quality Improvement for UML Models

April 12, 2012, Jürgen Wüst. Category: Measurement

I came across a PhD thesis titled “Quality Assessment and Quality Improvement for UML Models” by Akhtar Ali Jalbani. It was defended in February 2011 at the University Göttingen, Germany. The title seemed promising, so I checked it out. Here’s my review. Thesis Summary Jalbani defines a quality model for UML that distinguishes three life… [Continue reading]

Overview of the New Features in SDMetrics V2.3

April 9, 2012, Jürgen Wüst. Category: Announcements

SDMetrics V2.3 was released recently. We have already discussed the improved support for UML2 profile extensions in an earlier post. In this post, we take a closer look at the other new features of SDMetrics V2.3. 1. Custom functions in metric, set, condition expressions The metrics engine of SDMetrics can now be extended with new,… [Continue reading]

Adapting the XMI Import for Modelio SysML Flow Ports

April 5, 2012, Jürgen Wüst. Category: Tips & Tricks

I may have mentioned it before on this blog, but UML model interchange via XMI is difficult in practice. In this post we’ll look at a case study how to adapt SDMetrics’ XMI import to the idiosyncrasies of a modeling tool. For this case study, I used the open source UML tool Modelio 2.1.0, with… [Continue reading]

The Trouble with Structural Cohesion Measurement

April 2, 2012, Jürgen Wüst. Category: Measurement

Recently someone asked me why SDMetrics features hardly any cohesion measures “out of the box”, and only for packages, not for classes. In this post, we’ll look at the reasons for this apparent deficiency. The first reason is a practical one: many proposed class cohesion measures can’t be applied to UML models. Class cohesion measures… [Continue reading]

Design Quality Metrics for UML2 Profile Extensions

March 29, 2012, Jürgen Wüst. Category: Announcements

The interchange of UML models between tools via XMI is difficult in practice. This is particularly true for UML models that are extended by UML profiles such as the SysML. In the past, tool vendors often used proprietary XMI extensions to serialize the profile applications, which were not understood by other tools. More and more… [Continue reading]

Welcome to SDMetrics’ UML design quality measurement blog!

March 28, 2012, Jürgen Wüst. Category: Announcements

On this blog, you will soon find discussions of UML and software design measurement issues, tips and tricks how to effectively customize SDMetrics, reviews of software design measurement papers and books, SDMetrics product news announcements.

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