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Free at Last: New License Model for SDMetrics 2.5

May 2, 2021, Jürgen Wüst. Category: Announcements

SDMetrics 2.5 introduces a new, simpler license model. Previously, you could download a free demo version of SDMetrics that has no data export, and purchase a full version of SDMetrics with data export and free updates for two years. Universities and non-profit research institutes could apply for a free academic license of the full version of SDMetrics.

Looking at the ratio of academic to commercial licenses that I have doled out over the years, the time I spent to manually process the academic license requests, and the more recent trend in sales of commercial licenses, I have concluded that, at this time, it is simpler to just make the SDMetrics full version freely available to everybody:

  • Academic users get their software faster.
  • Commercial users continue to receive updates of SDMetrics even after two years.
  • I can take vacations without having to check my e-mails regularly.

A classic case of Win-Win-Win. To celebrate this major project milestone, the new version also adds data export to Microsoft Excel XLSX files. And fixes a cosmetic problem with clipped axis labels on some diagrams if you are using a large font size. You are invited to go ahead and get your free copy of SDMetrics 2.5.