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Project Files for Gentleware Poseidon for UML 4


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Metamodel, XMI transformations and metric definitions for Gentleware Poseidon for UML V4.0 and V4.1.

Poseidon 4 uses the UML2.0 metamodel for statechart diagrams, sequence diagrams, and activity diagrams. The other diagram types still use a UML1.x meta model, in particular collaboration diagrams still use UML1.x objects, links, and stimuli. Other peculiarities of the XMI exporter include:

  • In the XMI files, element types from the UML1.4 metamodel use namespace "UML", element types from UML2 use namespace "UML2".
  • Object and control flows in UML2 activity graphs are not differentiated in the XMI file, both are encoded with UML2:ActivityEdge elements. Consequently, metrics and design rules that take this difference into account no longer apply. For some reason, object nodes are encoded with UML2:Pin, and there are instances of UML2:CallAction. ActivityEdge, Pin, and CallAction are abstract in the UML2 metamodel, so there should not be any instances of these types.
  • Types of (UML1.4!) attributes and parameters no longer are encoded with the usual UML:Parameter.type and UML:StructuralFeature.type elements, but with a UML2:TypedElement.type element. So they managed to mix UML1 and UML2 in a single model element now...

The XMI transformation file takes these details into account.


metamodel_poseidon4.xmlMetamodel for Poseidon 4
xmiTrans_poseidon4.xmlXMI transformation for Poseidon 4 metamodel
metrics_poseidon4.xmlMetric definitions for Poseidon 4

Revision History

  • 26-Mar-2006: initial release
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