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The Software Design Metrics tool for the UML

SDMetrics project files control how SDMetrics extracts model information from your XMI files, and what metrics and rules it calculates. Section "Overview of Project Files" of the user manual explains what kinds of project files there are and what they do.

Below you can find additional project file sets containing new design metric definitions and specialized XMI import definitions for specific modeling tools. To install a project file set, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Zip archive you want and save it to a folder where you can store it permanently. If you want to modify the project files, extract the archive so you can edit the files, otherwise you can leave the Zip file unextracted.
  2. In SDMetrics, open the preferences dialog (Menu File->Preferences), select the tab sheet "Project File Sets" and click the "Import..." button below the list of available project file sets.
  3. Select the Zip file you saved (or the file contents.xml from the archive if you extracted it) and click "OK".

See also Sections "The Project File Settings Dialog" and "Project File Sets" of the user manual.

FileDateSizeDescription 27/Oct/201888KB The standard set of project files. Suitable for UML tools and XMI exporters not listed below. (Read more) 27/Oct/201847KB Adds metamodel and metric definitions for SysML 1.2 to the standard project files for UML 2.x and XMI 2.x. (Read more) 24/Feb/116KB Specialized project file for XMI 1.2 files generated by Enterprise Architect. (Read more) 28/Sep/055KB Specialized project file for XMI1.1/1.2 files using the XMI Diagram Interchange format. (Read more)