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The Software Design Metrics tool for the UML

Download the SDMetrics Demo Version:

Download DemoSDMetrics V2.4 Demo

(1841KB, 03-Jan-2020).

For system requirements and installation instructions, see the accompanying Readme.html file, or read Chapter 2: Installation of the user manual (included with the demo distribution).

The demo version differs from the full version as follows:

  • Data export to external files is disabled.
    To judge the suitability of the data export formats, the distribution of the demo version includes a sample XMI file and the complete set of output files generated from it.
  • Three percent of the metric values are not shown in the metric data tables.

All other features can be tested without any size or time restrictions, including advanced features such as customized metrics, rules and XMI import.

SDMetrics requires a Java™ 1.6 or better runtime environment, available for Windows/Unix/Linux platforms from

Usage of the demo version is subject to this License agreement.