Contents > 4 The SDMetrics User Interface > 4.16 Setting Preferences > 4.16.1 Project File Sets > The Default Project File Sets The Default Project File Sets

SDMetrics ships with three default project file sets for the various versions of the UML and XMI: These default project file sets cover all versions of the XMI currently in use. These project file sets cannot be renamed or deleted from the list, and you cannot modify their XMI version and XMI exporter name/version settings (the latter two being empty - no specific exporter). This is to ensure that SDMetrics always finds a suitable project file set. However, it is easy to override the default project file sets: Resetting default project file sets

The "Restore..." button resets the default project file sets to the "factory settings", that is, the default XMI transformations and associated metamodel and metric definition files that originally ship with SDMetrics.

Note that your custom project file sets will remain unaffected by this operation.