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4.16.2 Percentiles

You can determine which percentiles are shown in the metric data views and descriptive statistics. Open the preferences dialog and select the tab sheet "Percentiles":

Percentiles Dialog
Figure 27: Percentiles Tab Sheet

The tab sheet shows the current list of percentiles. To add a percentile, type the percentile in the text field labeled "Add new value", and press the enter (or return) key, or click the "Add" button. The percentiles you enter must be valid floating-point numbers between 0 and 100. Always use a dot as the decimal point.

To delete percentiles, select the percentiles to delete on the list. You can select multiple percentiles by holding down the shift or control key on the keyboard while selecting list elements. Click the delete button to remove the selected percentiles from the list.

Note: the new percentiles settings become effective when the next set of metrics is calculated.