Class OverwriteConfirmation

  extended by com.sdmetrics.output.OverwriteConfirmation

public class OverwriteConfirmation
extends java.lang.Object

Confirmation to overwrite existing files.

The output classes use an instance of this class to check if they can overwrite a given file. Implementations of this class may prompt the user on the console, pop up a modal "OK to overwrite" dialog, etc. This default implementation OKs to overwrite any file without any user interaction.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean okToOverwrite(java.lang.String fileName, boolean oneFile)
          Checks if a file to write exists, and if so, if it can be overwritten.
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Constructor Detail


public OverwriteConfirmation()
Method Detail


public boolean okToOverwrite(java.lang.String fileName,
                             boolean oneFile)
Checks if a file to write exists, and if so, if it can be overwritten.

fileName - the file SDMetrics wants to write to
oneFile - true if this is a single file export, false if this is a multi file export (and a dialog may offer a "yes to all" option)
true if the file does not exist yet or can be overwritten, false if the exists and must not be overwritten.