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SDMetrics V2.4 API

SDMetrics - the design measurement tool for the UML™.

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Package Description
Supports the integration of SDMetrics' measurement capabilities into applications.
Provides a simple command line tool for SDMetrics' core functionality.
Hosts the expression parser for metric, set, and condition expressions, and some specialized container classes.
Provides the core functionality of SDMetrics: calculating metrics, checking design rules.
Provides the XMI import of UML models and access to the elements of the imported model.
Provides data export to text files, HTML files, Excel, and OpenDocument Spreadsheets.
Package with some general utility classes to provide simple XML parsing and version information.
SDMetrics - the design measurement tool for the UML™.

Where to get started:

To integrate SDMetrics's measurement capabilities in your application:

To add new metrics (or rules or relation matrices):

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