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4.9.4 Mapping Design Elements

To calculate metric deltas, SDMetrics matches the design elements of the first design with the elements of the second design. Matches are based on the fully qualified names of the design elements (see Section "Qualified Element Names"). This causes problems if a model element such as package has been renamed between designs. Because of the name change, the package and all of its contents can no longer be matched between designs. The package under its old name is considered to be deleted, and newly added under its new name.

To improve the element matching for renamed elements, you can define explicit element mappings. Click the Mapping Button button to open the element mappings dialog.

Mappings Dialog
Figure 16: Element Mappings

Enter the old name of the renamed element in the first design in the upper left text field. Enter the new name of the element in the second design in the upper right text field. Press "Add" to add the mapping to the list of mappings below.

To remove a mapping from the list, select the mapping on the list and then press the "Delete" button. To remove all mappings, press the "Clear all" button. Click the Save
Button button to save the current list of mappings to a file, and the Open Button button to load a previously saved list. Or drag and drop the mapping file anywhere into the mappings dialog or the design comparison view.

Mapping Examples