SDMetrics home page
The Software Design Metrics tool for the UML

Would you like to build upon SDMetrics' functionality, or integrate it in your own products? You can choose from a variety of source code licenses.

If you're working on a GPL open source project, check out the SDMetrics Open Core, which is available under the GNU Affero General Public License.

If you're working on a commercial or close sourced product, you may obtain a commercial source code license. Such a license entitles you to make derivate works from the SDMetrics source code, and redistribute binaries generated from those derivative works without obligation to disclose anything you would not want to.

A commercial source code license always includes the SDMetrics XMI parser for customizable import of XMI1.0/1.1/1.2/2.x files, and optionally some or all of the following items:

  • the metrics engine to calculate the user-defined design metrics,
  • the rule engine to check the user-defined design rules,
  • calculation of relation matrices,
  • data export to CSV, TXT, HTML, ODS, XML for Excel, and SXC files,
  • documentation of the XMI parser, metrics engine, and/or rule engine (Sections 7 through 9 of the SDMetrics User Manual),
  • hands-on support with the integration in your products.

See the SDMetrics public API for a description how SDMetrics' functionality can be integrated in your application. The implementation of packages com.sdmetrics.model, com.sdmetrics.metrics, and com.sdmetrics.math is included in the Open Core distribution, which you can download for evaluation purposes right now. Or browse the source code online.

Contact me if you are interested in obtaining a commercial source code license.