Contents > 7 SDMetrics Metamodel and XMI Transformation Files > 7.2 XMI Transformation Files > 7.2.2 XMI Transformations and Triggers > Trigger Type "ignore" Trigger Type "ignore"

This trigger leaves the attribute value empty. This is useful if you wish to override the triggers of an inherited attribute that is not meaningful for a particular metamodel element (Section "Inherited Attributes and Triggers" describes the trigger inheritance mechanism). For example, every UML design has a root element "Model" that provides the context for all other design elements in the model. The "Model" element itself, however, has no owner or context. Hence, the XMI transformation for "Model" leaves the value for the required attribute "context" empty:
<xmitransformation modelelement="model" xmipattern="Model_Management.Model"> 
   <trigger name="context" type="ignore" />
A trigger of type "ignore" requires no further attributes.