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2.3.1 Single User Installation

Installing SDMetrics is easy. The installation will not affect your system configuration in any way. You do not require administrative rights on your system for the installation.

To install SDMetrics, simply unpack the compressed archive (zip file) you received or downloaded to a folder of your choice. Among others, you should find these artefacts in the folder:

File/folder namePurpose
SDMetrics.jarThe SDMetrics program files.
sdmetrics.batScript to start SDMetrics on Windows platforms.
sdmetrics.shScript to start SDMetrics on Unix/Linux platforms.
Readme.htmlLatest program version information.
License.txtThe SDMetrics end user license agreement.
SDMetricsUserManual.htmlOpens the SDMetrics User Manual in your web browser.
manual/Contains the SDMetrics User Manual files.
bin/Any extensions your create for SDMetrics go in here.

Make sure you have read and agreed with the license agreement before using SDMetrics.