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Project Files for Embarcadero Describe 6


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The UML metamodel of Embarcardero Describe 6 is a mixture of UML1.4, 2.0, and proprietary extensions. Describe stores its models in *.etd files, which are XMI files. Although Describe specifies XMI version 2.0 in its output files, the XMI files actually follow the XMI 1.1/1.2 production rules.

The project files in this archive provide a meta model definition, XMI transformations, and metric and rules definitions which take all of these idiosyncracies into account.


metamodel_describe6.xmlMetamodel for Describe 6
xmiTrans_describe6.xmlXMI transformation for Describe's *.etd files
metrics_describe6.xmlMetric definitions

Revision History

  • 12-Oct-2005: initial release
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