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The Software Design Metrics tool for the UML

Need to roll out SDMetrics to a lot of users? The bulk license program offers attractive rates.

The price for a bulk license is based on the approximate number of SDMetrics users in your organization (all prices in Euro, excl. VAT):

Number of usersTotal price (Euro)
up to 50 users2500,-
up to 100 users4000,-
up to 250 users6000,-
up to 500 users8000,-
up to 750 users10000,-
up to 1000 users12000,-
over 1000 users15000,-

Updates: With your purchase, you are entitled to receive, at no cost, new versions of SDMetrics for two years. Afterwards, you can continue to receive program updates for an annual fee of 12.5% of the then current license price.

Upgrades: Licenses can be upgraded any time, e.g., if you wish to increase the number of users from 100 to 250, you only pay the price difference (2000,- EUR) to upgrade your existing license.

Notes on deployment options:

  • SDMetrics can be deployed on a network or multi-user system (network drive, terminal servers, etc).
  • Use of one installation copy by more than one user at a time is possible.
  • The installation directory can be read-only, SDMetrics does not write to its installation directory at runtime.
  • Performing a local installation of SDMetrics does not require administrator rights.

Contact me if you are interested in obtaining a bulk license. Please state the number of users you have.